Frequently Asked Questions

Q. How many gifts should we have on our list?
A. We would advise you to have more gifts than guests.
Q. I don't want my guests to feel pressured into spending too much, how can I control this?
A. We keep track of the purchases right up until your wedding day and ensure that there is a wide range of items in varying price points, allowing your guests not to be pressured into spending more than their budget.
Q. Is it cheeky to ask for money towards our honeymoon?
A. Absolutely not! Why not add a few experiences that your guests could buy you while you are away?
Q. When will we receive our wedding gifts?
A. We will deliver all your beautifully wrapped gifts at a convenient time after the wedding....get that bottle of Bubbly chilling!
Q. Can guests collect the gift if they want to bring it in person?
A. Of course they can! We will gift wrap the item and have it ready to be uplifted or they can come and visit us and pick the item in person.
Q. We already live together, do we really need a gift list?
A. This is your opportunity to upgrade to those luxe items you have always wanted! We will help you both think about gifts that you will keep forever and that truly reflect your personalities.
Q. This isn't our first wedding, is asking for gifts appropriate?
A. Guests want to celebrate with you both. Let our 'wish designers' help you think out of the box.
Q. Can I add an RSVP onto my website?
A. You can Indeed! Your guests reply will come directly to them email address you register with us.
Q. Will we be restricted to the items everyone else purchases?
A. No is the simple answer to that. We are constantly expanding our suppliers and we are keen source bespoke and unique items. The world is your oyster!
Q. Are your prices competitive?
A. Yes, we work with our suppliers recommended retail price and we ensure that we are in-line with both hughstreet and online stockists.

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